Monday, December 14, 2009

Clash Of The Titans

Thursday, November 26, 2009

ASV Remix Vol.12 -Out Now-

ASV Remix Vol.12

Rythm In Paradise

A Special Tribute To DJ Fafan


Friday, November 20, 2009

R.I.P. DJ FAFAN of ASV Remix

Starting in 1997, he grew up on various styles of music, mainly hip hop, rnb, house, progressive, etc.
In 2001, he started to learn the foundations of producing music with computer software, spending all his spare time after work, learning how to produce.
A few years later, he already remix a lot of hip hop and rnb song. He is the founder of Rhythm Mix, who have already released 10 albums so far.
And he's the only one remixer from Indonesia in Asian Static Vibe (ASV Remix), including 6 other asian DJs from Malaysia, Philiphina, Singapore, and China.
In late 2005, he become the 2nd Champion Seven Soundsations DJ Competition Music Stage Kuta Karnival, Kuta Beach, Bali.
And in March 2008, he become the 1st winner Pioneer Digital Pro DJ Battle Indonesia 2008 for category mega mix.
And stands a chance to compete in the 2008 Pioneer Pro DJ Regional Battle in Bangkok, August 2008.
Now, with his 11th years experience, he knows how to make the crowd progressively enjoy the party.
Having him in the mix will lead to the non-stop clapping of encores of applause.

R.I.P - 1980-2009

Im gonna miss you bro, youll be in my prayers..

And your music will forever be in our hearts and memories...

i dont noe wut else to say, this is not acceptable...

I love you bro and may your soul rest in peace

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Some1 complain my blog.. I dont know who but I dont see any illegal on my post called "Do You Remember" ....

Whoever you are please email me and tell me what do you want...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

DJ Cowboy - Statik (ASV Remix Production)

Heres my New production!! called it Statik

Hope ima get some feedbacks....

Let me know wut ya'll think

Original Composition.. NOT A REMIX

Download Link

DJ Cowboy - Statik (ASV Remix Production

Show love guys and let me know wut ya'll think

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning 2009

Heres another drop of a custom made track... I was playing around and wonder how Klass makes those crazy ass basslines, You know what i mean of Klass Style remix, If you dont, just google Klass Remix..

Anywayz, I decided to make a Klass style remix of this song... Let me know what ya'll think..

Friday, October 9, 2009

T-Pain - Take Your Shirt Off

Another new club banger!!!

Made a simple extended version for DJs

Click PLAY to listen

Kindly leave feedbacks or comments bout this track... You think itll be a club banger?

Leave comments and get the link...


Monday, September 28, 2009

DJ Alfredo - Keep On Groovin 2009

Heres another drop, a club banger way back 1996 - 1998 ... Made some changes with custom made beats n synths..

Post some comments to get the link

Tag Team - Whoomp There It Is 2009

Was trying my new plugins.. decided to TEST the quality of the new synths and basslines using Tag Team's Whoomp There It Is Acapella..

So Here ya go.. another custom made production.. Enjoy

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jeremih - Birthday Sex Electro House Remix

Click Play to Listen

Drop some feedback or comments to get the download link

Ne-Yo - Spotlight

Click PLAY to listen

POST Comments to get the Download Links

Friday, September 11, 2009

DJ Cowboy Remix Collection

Ive recieved some emails regarding my previous releases and some wanted to collect them.. This tracks can be found aswell at ASV Remix vol.1 to 11...

Heres the tracklist:

Craig David - Insomnia (ASV V-Transition Mix)

Busta Rhymes Pharrel - Show Ya G Stro (ASV Collabo)

Bob Sinclair ft. Kevin Lyttle - Belly Dancer

Beyonce - Single Ladies (ASV Remix)

Akon - Could You Be The Reason (Asv Collabo)

Cassie - In Love With The Dj (ASV Remix)

ALL-Star VS DJ Cowboy - Put Ya Fuckin Handz Up

Dj Cowboy - Wild Celebration Break

DJ Cowboy - Loko Party Break 2009

369 (ASV Extended Mix)

Akon Ft. Kardinal Offishall - Dangerous (Asv Collabo Mix)

Yeah Party Break 2008

Sweet Party Break

Akon Feat. Kat De Luna and Casely - Right Now

Lady GaGa - Poker Face (ASV Crispy Beat)

Flo Rida feat Ne -Yo - Be On You (ASV Remix)

Flo-Rida - Sugar (ASV Simple Extended Mix)

DJ Cowboy Hyped QuickBreak 2009

Florida - Right Round (ASV Extended Mix)

Ghetto girl - Sean Kingston (ASV Remix )

Flo-Rida Ft. T-Pain - I Bet (Asv Collabo)

Deep Side Feat. T-Pain - Booty Music (ASV Remix)

Hips (ASV Collabo Mix)

Kay B - Cheaters Dilemma (Asv Remix)

Chanelle - Hurry up (ASV Remix)

Glocc 40 feat. Akon - Borrow You (ASV Remix)

Mario - Stuttering (ASV Xtended Mix)

Now You See It - Pitbull Feat. Jump Smokers ( ASV Remix )

Pitbull - Shut This Down ( ASV Remix )

PitBull Feat. Lil John - Crazy (Xclusive Mix)

Usher - Make Love In This Club (Asv Upbeat Mix)

PitBull Feat. Lil John - Toma (Elektro Mix)

Notch Feat. Fatman Scoop - Lay Away Love (ASV Simple Extend Mix)

Sexy Can I (ASV Remix)

R Kelly - Bobble (Asv Remix)

The Anthem (ASV LocoBreak)

Plies Feat Neyo - Bust It Baby Pt.2 (Asv Remix)


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Enjoy and Godbless

Saturday, September 5, 2009

ASV Remix Collection



Warning: All remixes are for PROMOTIONAL purpose only and are NOT FOR SALE.

If you see some sites or blogs that sells ASV Remix materials, kindly inform us.


Alicia Keys – Love Me Like You’ll Never See Me Again (ASV Remix) TyaJayzE.mp3
Cassie – In Love With The DJ (ASV Remix) DJ Cowboy.mp3
Deep Side Ft T-Pain – Booty Music (ASV Remix) DJ Cowboy.mp3
Do Me – Play N Skillz Ft Nate Dogg (ASV Remix) DJ FaFan.mp3
Fergie – Clumsy (ASV Remix) DJ X-Factor.mp3
Fergie – Mary Jane Shoes (ASV Remix) TyaJayzE.mp3
Glocc 40 Ft Akon – Borrow You (ASV Remix) DJ Cowboy.mp3
Kanye West – Stronger (ASV Remix) Anakin.mp3
Mike Jones Ft Huriccane Chris – Drop And Gimme 50 (ASV Remix) ScarMixxed.mp3
Mutya Buena – B Boy Baby (ASV Remix) TyaJayzE).mp3
Ne-Yo – Go On Girl (ASV Remix) DreadKnoxx.mp3
Nicole Scherzinger – Super Villain (ASV Remix) DreadKnoxx.mp3
Pitbull – Go Girls (ASV Remix) Anakin.mp3
Robin Thicke Ft Faith Evans – Got To Be Down (ASV Remix) DJ FaFan.mp3
Shaggy Ft. Akon – Whats Love (ASV Remix) Anakin.mp3
Snoop Dogg – Make It Clap (ASV Remix) ScarMixxeD.mp3
Soulja Boy – Report Card (ASV Remix) DJ FaFan.mp3
Superstar – Lupe Fiasco Ft Mathew Santos (ASV Remix) DJ X-Factor.mp3
UNK Ft Baby D – Hit The Dancefloor (ASV Remix) ScarMixxeD.mp3
Will I Am – I Got It From My Mama (ASV Remix) DJ X-Factor.mp3


Buck in here (ASV Remix) DreadKnoxx.mp3
Church (ASVRemix) Dj FaFan.mp3
Dem Gwaan Loose (ASV Remix) Dj Kimozave.mp3
Elevator (ASV Remix) Dj X-Factor.mp3
Here We Go Now (ASV Remix) Anakin.mp3
Jump On (ASV Remix)Anakin.mp3
Live It Up Remix (ASV Remix) SC@RMIXXED.mp3
Move Shake Drop vs Iberis Complex (ASV Remix) DJ FaFan.mp3
MY Flashy (ASV Remix) SC@RMIXXED.mp3
Sexy Can I (ASV Remix) Dj Cowboy.mp3
Shake It (ASV Remix) TyaJayzE.mp3
So Beautiful (ASV Remix)TyaJayzE.mp3
The Anthem (ASV LocoBreak) Dj Cowboy.mp3
Whats Love (ASV Remix) Dj X-Factor.mp3


01 – 4 Minutes (ASV Remix) Dj Fafan 113 BPM.mp3
02 – 369 (ASV Extended Mix) Dj Cowboy 83BPM .mp3
03 – Boyfriend Girlfriend (ASV Remix) TyaJayzE 124BPM .mp3
04 – Drink In U (ASV Remix) SC@RMIXXED 96BPM.mp3
05 – Feedback ( ASV Remix) Dj X-Factor 115BPM.mp3
06 – Feedback (ASV Remix) Anakin 115BPM.mp3
07 – Hips (ASV Collabo Mix) Dj Cowboy vs TyaJayzE 104BPM.mp3
08 – Hurry Up (ASV Remix) Dj Cowboy 98BPM.mp3
09 – Independent ( ASV Remix) Dj X-Factor 87BPM .mp3
10 – Is It You (ASV Remix) TyaJayzE 100BPM.mp3
11 – Semi Bmore Donque (ASV Remix) SC@RMIXXED 96BPM.mp3
12 – Shake It Like A Pom Pom (ASV Remix) Dj Fafan 98 Bpm.mp3
13 – Shawty Get Loose – (ASV Remix) Dj Nuold 115 Bpm.mp3
14 – Wall 2 Ragga (ASV Remix) Anakin 97BPM .mp3


01 – Akon – Could You Be The Reason (Asv Collabo) Dj Cowboy Tyajayze – 120bpm.mp3
02 – Akon Ft. Kardinal Offishall – Dangerous (Asv Collabo Mix) Dj Cowboy Tyajayze Remix – 117bpm.mp3
03 – Chris Brown – Forever (Asv Remix) Dj Fafan – 120bpm.mp3
04 – Estelle Ft. Kanye West – American Boy (Asv Remix) Dj X-Factor – 118bpm.mp3
05 – Flo-Rida Ft. T-Pain – I Bet (Asv Collabo) Dj Cowboy Tyajayze – 120bpm.mp3
06 – Flo-Rida Ft. Will.I.Am – In The Ayer (Asv Collabo) Dj Cowboy Tyajayze – 126bpm.mp3
07 – Flo-Rida Ft. Will.I.Am – In The Ayer (Asv Remix) Dj X-Factor 126bpm.mp3
08 – Kylie Minoque Ft. Mims – All I See (Asv Remix) Anakin – 101bpm.mp3
09 – Mr Vegas Ft. Lil Kim Kat Deluna – Tek Weh Yuh Self Again (Asv Remix) Anakin – 110bpm.mp3
10 – Nelly Ft. Fergie – Party People (Asv Remix) Dj Fafan – 82bpm.mp3
11 – Neyo Ft. Kayne West Fabolous And Dj Felli Fell – Finer Things (Asv Remix) Scarmixxed – 101bpm.mp3
12 – Sean Kingston Ftthe Dey Juelz Santana – There’s Nothing (Asv Remix) Sc@Rrmixxed – 95bpm.mp3
13 – Three 6 Mafia Ft. T-Pain Project Pat – Lollipop (Asvremix) Dj Cowboy – 120bpm.mp3
14 – Bonus – Kay B – Cheaters Dilemma (Asv Remix) Dj Cowboy – 98bpm.mp3
15 – Bonus – Calabriation (Iuf Ragga Mix Dj Sc@Rmixxed Vs Dj Jason) – 128bpm.mp3


01 – Dj Lbr – This Party Vs Bucovina (Asv Remix) Dj Fafan – 126.mp3
02 – Elephant Man Ft Chris Brown – Feel The Steam (Asv Remix) Dj Anakin – 104.mp3
03 – Fat Joe Ft J.Holiday – Won’t Tell (Asv Remix) Tyajayze – 095.mp3
04 – Get Far – Shining Coolie (Asv Remix) Dj X-Factor – 127.mp3
05 – Flo Rida – In The Ayer Pt.2 (Asv Remix) Dj Nuold – 126.mp3
06 – Donnis Ft Dj Benzi – Party Works (Asv Refix) Sc@Rmixxed – 122.mp3
07 – Plies Feat Neyo – Bust It Baby Pt.2 (Asv Remix) Dj Cowboy – 079.mp3
08 – Pro Nails – Kid Sister (Asv Remix) Sc@Rmixxed – 128.mp3
09 – Pussycat Dolls – When I Grow Up (Asv Remix) Dj Anakin – 118.mp3
10 – R Kelly – Bobble (Asv Remix) Dj Cowboy – 110.mp3
11 – Shaggy – Feel The Rush (Asv Remix) Dj Fafan – 124.mp3
12 – Usher – Make Love In This Club (Asv Upbeat Mix) Dj Cowboy – 138.mp3
13 – Usher – Make Love In This Club (Asv Blend Remix) Dj X Factor – 069.mp3
14 – Will I Am – Heartbreaker (Asv Remix) Tyajayze – 120.mp3
15 – Va – Jump Off (Asv Extended Mix) Dj Crack – 128.mp3
16 – Kylie Minogue – Wow (Asv Remix) Asianchamp – 124.mp3


All Aboard D Elevator – Chingy Ft Steph Jones (Dj_SC@RMIXXED ASV Remix).mp3
Body on me – Nelly ft Ashanti ( Dj X-Factor ASV Remix ).mp3
Calling you – Kat Deluna ( Tyajayze ASV Remix ).mp3
Dangerous Remix – Kardinal Offishal (DJ SC@RMIXXED ASV Remix).mp3
Ghetto girl – Sean Kingston (Dj Cowboy ASV Remix ).mp3
Good good – Ashanti ( Anakin ASV Remix ).mp3
I kissed a girl – Katy Perry ( Dj X-Factor Remix ).mp3
Krazy – Pitbull ( Anakin ASV Remix ).mp3
Notch Feat. Fatman Scoop – Lay Away Love (ASV Simple Extend Mix) Dj Cowboy.mp3
Putang Inang BMore [Pinoy Bmore] (DJ SC@RMIXXED).mp3
Shes so fine – Akon ft Dolla ( Tyajayze ASV Remix ).mp3
Talk – Timbaland ft. T-Pain ( Dj Nuold ASV Remix ).mp3
Tide Is High – ( Dj Nuold ASV Remix ).mp3
You Know What – N.E.R.D. (DJ SC@RMIXXED ASV Remix ).mp3


Dj AwDaMaDDiX – Get Ready To Party Break – 6A – 128.mp3
Dj AwDaMaDDiX – Party Breakin – 8A – 123.mp3
Dj Cowboy – Loko Party Break 2009 – 11A – 125.mp3
Dj Cowboy – Sweet Party Break – 2B – 125.mp3
Dj Cowboy – Wild Celebration Break – 2A – 124.mp3
Dj Cowboy – Yeah Party Break 2008 – 6A – 105.mp3
DJ FaFan feat. DJ Scratcha – Live Your Breaks – 10B – 81.mp3
Dj Mhark – Break this ClapBack – 1A – 97.mp3
Dj Mhark – Krazy Hype – 8A – 125.mp3
Dj X-Factor – Green Light Break – 11A – 80.mp3
Dj X-Factor ASV Remix – Let Me Fuck Your Head Break – 8B – 125.mp3
SC@RMIXXED – Joana Break – 6B – 129.mp3
SC@RMIXXED – Ladies Party Break 2008 – 11A – 126.mp3
SC@RMIXXED – Spotlight Break – 10A – 112.mp3
SC@RMIXXED – Vida La Bmore Break – 3A – 130.mp3


112 feat. Lil’ Zane – Anywhere (ASV Remix) Dj AwDaMaDDiX.mp3
Beyonce – Single Ladies (ASV Remix) Dj Cowboy.mp3
Craig David – Insomnia (ASV Remix) DJ FaFan DJ Scratcha.mp3
Florida – Right Round (ASV Extended Mix) Dj Cowboy.mp3
Janet Jackson – SUM1 2 Call Mi Luvah (ASV Remix) DJ SC@RMIXXED.mp3
LMFAO – Im In Miami Bitch (ASV Remix) Anakin.mp3
New Kids On The Block – Single (ASV Remix) Dj X-Factor.mp3
NeYo – The Coke Side Of Life ASV Remix) DJ SC@RMIXXED.mp3
Ne-Yo – Mad (ASV Remix) Anakin.mp3
Plies ft Ashanti – Want It Need It (ASV Funky Beat Remix) TyaJayzE.mp3
Rihanna – Hatin’ On The Club (ASV Remix) TyaJayzE.mp3
Shontelle – Tshirt (ASV Remix) Dj X-Factor.mp3


Africa – Toto (ASV Old Skul Ragga Mix) DJ Donjie.mp3
Big Ali Ft. Dollarman – Hit The Floor (ASV Remix) Dj Mhark.mp3
Brick Lace – Bad To Di Bone (ASV ReggaeTone) TyaJayzE.mp3
Busta Rhymes Pharrel – Show Ya G Stro (ASV Collabo) Dj Cowboy and ScarMixxed.mp3
Flo-Rida – Gotta Get It (Dancer) (ASV Remix) Dj Cowboy.mp3
Francis M – Kaleidoscope World ( ASV Remix ) Dj X-Factor.mp3
G Spot – Stanky Leg (ASV Remix) DJ FaFan DJ Scratcha.mp3
Jennifer Hudson – If this is love (ASV Remix) Dj X-Factor.mp3
Keri Hilson – Hey Girl (ASV Remix) Dj Donjie.mp3
Keri Hilson Ft Lil Wayne – Turnin Me On (ASV Remix) Dj AwDaMaDDiX.mp3
Mario – Stuttering (ASV Xtended Mix) Dj Cowboy.mp3
Sam Rhansum – Ayrplane (ASV Remix) DJ SC@RMIXXED.mp3


ALL-Star VS DJ Cowboy – Put Ya Fuckin Handz Up.mp3
Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Fatscoop ( DJ X-Factor Remix ).mp3
Bob Sinclair ft. Kevin Lyttle – Belly Dancer ( DJ Cowboy Remix).mp3
Buck Nasty Party Break ( DJ AwDaMaDDiX ).mp3
Dj Class – Dance Like a Freak ( DJ Donjie Remix ).mp3
FloRida – Suga ( DJ Fafan ).mp3
FM Ft.Fatman Scoop – Girls On The Dancefloor ( DJ Mhark Remix ).mp3
Francisco Ft. Gemini – Hands Up ( DJ SC@RMIXXED Remix ).mp3
Ginuwine ft Timbaland Missy E – Get Involved ( Anakin Remix ).mp3
PCD – Jai ho Tribal Mix ( DJ X-Factor ).mp3
Philippine ALL-Star feat. Q York – Mainit ( Anakin Remix ).mp3
Pitbull – Get Yo Ass On The Floor ( DJ Mhark ).mp3
Pitbull – Hotel Room Service ( DJ Donjie Remix ).mp3
Pitbull – Shut This Down ( Dj Cowboy ).mp3
Pitbull ft Nina Sky – Boom Bounce Pella ( DJ SC@RMIXXED Intro Mix ).mp3
Pussycat_Dolls – Hush Hush ( DJ Fafan ).mp3
Ron Carrol – Bump To This ( TyaJayzE Remix ).mp3


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Please show some love to the ASV Crew... Leave comments please

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy B-Day To ME!!

Yes August 20 is my birthday....

I would like to thank those people who sent me emails regarding my problem and ofcourse those who posted comments to my previous post about taking a break....

Your DJ Cowboy is back... Ima post updates very soon...

Thanks Guys..

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Good day peepz, I would like to inform you guys that I wont be able to update anymore, I dont know till when, maybe quiting or something..

I got some personal problem and i badly need some rest. Everybody has their ups n downs right? well I got mine this time..

Thank you for the love and support you guys have given me since I started this blog.. I really do appreciate it alot!

Wont be closing this blog, maybe some djs might be needing something that have been posted here...

Godbless all and wish me luck...

Best Regards,

DJ Cowboy

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Flo-Rida feat. Kesha, Casely and Jason Derulo

Featured Track:

Heres another crazy shit, my 3rd version of Right Round.. Some of you might remember I posted a mix of right round way before it bought heat in the clubs.. But this is More sexy than d original..

check out the lyrics and the flow of Jason Derulo in this mix...


Kindly leave comments.... Dont be a leecher

Monday, July 20, 2009

*NEW TRACK* NeYo - If You Want Me To Stay

A Sexy RnB, simple extended but i added some xtra beat to make it more danceable.. Enjoy


Saturday, July 4, 2009

"A Tribute to Michael Jackson"

Please do not ask me for a link

Album available ONLY at

Some people mail me, some people post comments about the link..

IF you go to ASV Remix site JUST to get the link, YOU CANT! you must register, follow d rules like "POST INTRODUCTION" and be active to join the "FORUM" , then youll get what you need, at the same time, gain more friends in d internet.

Whoever join the forum for just the link and break the rules will get banned.

Friday, June 26, 2009

ASV Remix Vol.10


DIRECT DOWNLOAD HERE hosted by: DJMC ( djmixcontest )

find the password at the comment box




Sunday, May 10, 2009

DJ Cowboy PartyBreak 2009

This track is available at ASV Remix Vol.10

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Boom Boom Pow V-Transition Mix

Here's another V-Transition Mix done by Me, Dj Donjie and Dj Dlanor..


1. DJ Cowboy : UpBeat Fatman - Elektro GhettoHouse - Slow with 50 Cent

2. Dj Donjie :V-Transition: Custom Elektro - Slow Bounce - Funky Upbeat

3. Dj Dlanor :V-Transition: Upbeat - Slow - Elektro (all Custom Made)

-Drop some love at the comment box to get the link-

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ASV Remix Vol.9








Leave your email at the "COMMENT" box to receive the password

Thursday, April 16, 2009

PDDJS - Dance Extreme Vol.1

1. Mad [MusicMadness Remix) Rhenzo 135 BPM (10:01)
2. Shut Em Down-J.R. Writer ( 2oo9) DJ Mac Remix 96BPM (3:39)
3. Be On You-Flo Rida feat. Ne-Yo [trebor Z Mix] 95BPM (4:44)
4. Secrets-Usher [trebor Z Mix] 120BPM (4:16)
5. Poker Face Transition Mix [Dj Cowboy VS Dj Saar] 119-130BPM (4:38)
6. Boom Boom Pow [Party Breakzzz] (4:28)
7. Feel It [Party Breakz] (5:02)
8. DOC-BDGFR [bleeding dance groove fascinated disturbia rhythm] (3:40)
9. Halo-Beyonce [Dj Odyssey s Electrostatic Mix] (6:51)
10. Toma-PitBull Feat. Lil John [DJ Cowboy Elektro Mix] (3:58)
11. BITE THE DUST NOW feat. F. Mercury [JPG Bootleg Remix] (5:13)
12. Estrella [Krampz Prog Edit Radio Mix] (4:23)

CLICK comments to get the link

Sunday, April 12, 2009

FreshBeatz Vol.2

I apologize to those i sent email with this
album's link, That link is not working anymore.
I think it got deleted or something, sorry and
kindly check the "comment" box of this post to
get the working link..

Please leave a comment and leave your email address..

I will send u the link thru mail

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fresh Beatz Vol.1


Monday, March 9, 2009

Another NEW HOT Track

Here's another from Florida...


Comment to get the DL Link

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

Chamillionaire - Creepin (solo) (ASV Extended) Dj Cowboy

I just love this track....

I don't know if some of you guys likes it too

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Akon feat. Play N Skillz and Kim Carnes - Angel Eye (ASV Switch 80's Mix) Dj Cowboy

Here's another New Club banger for SUMMER!!

-Post comment to get the link-

Sunday, March 1, 2009

NeYo - Mad Club Mix ( Produced By Dj Cowboy)

Another custom made track...

Mad love and thanks to Trebor Z for making this HOT Music Video

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


ok guys.. i wanna let u know that i invented or created a NEW style of remixing for the djs around the globe..

Remix Style name: V-Transition Mix

V-Transition Mix is a kind of mix that gives the club djs 3 options while spinning. Everybody knows about Transition Mix. This is a bit same but transition mix goes like from lower bpm to higher or higher to lower but V-Transition mix has levels,3 different bpms.. Ex: Track started 80bpm, then it goes 120, then it goes 130.. Or you start it from 130 to 80 then end up 125.. any either way but must 3 levels and 3 different genra.. crank - elektro - upbeat ... or reggae to hiphop to house, elektro to reggaeton to upbeat partbreak.. any ..

Each "part" in the track must have a special vacant part, so djs can easily insert track... for smooth transitions...

Heres an example of how V-Transition Mix goes

Your comment will be much appreciated...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

ASV Remix Vol.8

Valentine Special




Will send the password to my "Guest List"